Museums and Theme Parks

We provide sound and visual design right from content creation to the its exhibition. We can take care of the whole process according to the requirements and optimize the systems to make it easy for operations.

The focus at museums and theme parks is on building custom formats to an unquie experience. R&S provides unique patented formats as well as immersive systems to create this experience. We provide 7D effects including chair motion, air, wind effects to enhance the system.

Museums are also often heritage structures. We can deliver speakers with paint/ finish as per custom requirement to integrate with the structure. This requires out-of-the-box, custom solutions that blends with the atmosphere and surrounds. With years of experience and expertise behind us, R&S can help with these custom solutions.

We place a lot of emphasis on providing after-sales service to our clients in the most effective manner. You get a team of highly qualified and well-trained engineers to maintain your system.