In 1995 SurgeX announced its presence in the AV industry and has been the technological leader ever since.

SurgeX Advanced Series Mode technology combines true surge elimination, EMI/RFI filtration and unsurpassed analytical software to help businesses diagnose, monitor and protect sensitive AV systems. It completely eliminates surge energy without producing harmful side effects such as ground contamination or common-mode disturbances that can degrade equipment performance.

Switch to SurgeX, The Trusted Surge Protector

Many government offices and major corporations have switched to SurgeX. After all, they realized that there is no better way to protect hundreds of thousands of dollars worth audio-visual equipment. They saved on replacement costs, procurement costs, equipment downtime, and all the associated hassles.

Selection of 230V products we keep in stock:

  • SurgeX SXN1230
  • SurgeX SX-1215i
  • SurgeX SX-1215-RTi
  • SurgeX SX-1215-RLi
  • SurgeX SX-2215
  • SurgeX SX-2215-RL
  • SurgeX SX 2215-RT
  • SurgeX SA-152
  • SurgeX SEQ-1215i
  • SurgeX SX-DS-1611i

To know more about SurgeX, visit their website.